Benefits of Dilapidation and Property Condition Reports in Forensic Engineering

03 February 2020

Forensic engineering utilises the principles of engineering to investigate structural failures that may lead to civil or criminal lawsuits or other legal action. As a result, it involves that examination of structures, products, materials, components and any other elements of the site that can cause issues, such as malfunctions or total failure that can lead to property damage, personal injury, or financial loss. In order for the forensic engineers to execute their jobs efficiently, they must not only perform an in-depth analysis, but they also need to issue dilapidation and property condition reports to all interested parties. The following are the benefits of taking all steps necessary to create these reports.

Gains Independent Knowledge of the Situation

When forensic engineers perform the required surveys to create the dilapidation and property condition reports, they learn valuable information independently of what the property owners think happened in a given situation. This allows for an objective analysis of the entire structure and property.

Helps Discover Issues Prior to Other Actions Taken with the Property

The procedure for these reports also helps locate issues prior to the purchase or sale of the property. On top of this, the reports will contain information that the contractors require to build on or renovate a property. Contractors may need to take special precautions to ensure the structure is sound or that water drains in the proper manner just for two examples.

Provides a Clear Way to Communicate the Property Condition to Clients

Without the dilapidation and property condition reports, the forensic engineers would not be able to communicate with their clients in a clear, precise manner. Clients can easily understand the condition of the property when all the facts are compiled in an organised way in the reports.

Develops Actionable Evidence to Counter Legal Issues

Dilapidation and property condition surveys and reports collect actionable evidence to thwart legal issues, whether they involve fines, lawsuits or a combination of both. If someone considers the property owner liable, and he or she can prove different then, the guilty party will be held responsible instead.

Helps Clients Win Insurance Claims

One last benefit of these reports is that the clients of forensic engineers can win their insurance claims by proving that the previous owner is at fault for the property damage or failure that may or may not lead to physical injuries. Insurance companies always need iron-clad proof before awarding claims that deal with property of any kind.

Only professional forensic engineers should perform the dilapidation and property condition surveys to collect the information for these reports. Anyone else may miss valuable information during the process.

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