What is Infrastructure Engineering and Master Planning?

December 7, 2017

Viewed from ground level, buildings look like islands. It's only when your view switches to a higher vantage point that the reality of the situation becomes clear. Everything is connected. Utility lines tie buildings together metres below the street. There are drainage systems and communications lines running nearby…

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Engineering Consulting Services in New South Wales and Queensland

December 1, 2017

All across New South Wales and Queensland, new structures are reaching for the sky. A network of innovative infrastructural grids feed these complexes like a natural root system. Speaking of natural systems, the job of an adept engineering consulting service here is to protect the environment while bringing the latest construction solutions to fruition…

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High Voltage Cable Pits and Conduit Trenching

November 14, 2017

When it comes to planning high voltage cable pits, safe installation practices must be maintained. Remember this: high voltage lines carry dangerous electrical currents, which is why these cables are heavily armoured. Likewise, the conduit trenching services that route these buried electrical lines relies on a shielding methodology. Distance is the first defence here, with the cable pits using a depth of cover table to lay the cables deep…

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Forensic Engineering Services in Sydney: What Fairdinkum Technical Services Can Do for You

November 2, 2017

Thanks to a credible research and development methodology, Fairdinkum Technical Services has developed some impressive engineering credentials. It's that level of infrastructural connectivity that assures structural integrity, regardless of whether our resources are applied to a single building or a network of connected subsystems…

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Design, Structural and Civil Engineering Assistance to Owner Builders

October 13, 2017

Under current construction ordnances, owner builders can readily finance their own projects. That's a position of strength from which much can be accomplished. It's also a highly responsible position, one that benefits from outside assistance. Sure, the task is entirely achievable, especially if the owner-builder has engineering experience…

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Design and Installation of Sewer Sanitary Pipes and Drainage in Home Construction Projects

October 12, 2017

The design of a waste removal system, one that's built to manage residential effluent, requires careful oversight. Imagine the water drainage, the decaying food and masticated rubbish entering the drainage pipes. A blockage in the system would result in a nasty backed-up sink. Worse still, a poorly designed sewerage system could endanger the home's occupants or even damage the local environment…

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What is Geotechnical Report and Why You should Get Soil Surveys before Building

September 21, 2017

A geotechnical report is vital before you begin any type of construction or building. It is a prerequisite prior to construction and even before house plans are determined. The geotechnical report includes a site analysis of the soil, rocks, bedrock properties and fault distribution. The investigation is done in order to determine the engineering properties of how the elements and constitutes will interact with a proposed construction…

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Knockdown and Rebuild without Compromising the Structural Integrity of Your Home

September 6, 2017

Homeowners choose to knockdown and rebuild for numerous reasons. You may need to upsize, downsize or want to upgrade to a contemporary style. Or perhaps your current home has various designing errors that are continual frustrations. What was popular thirty years ago may be uninviting by today‚Äôs standards. But for whatever reason you are rebuilding, make sure it is done correctly and professionally…

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Factors that Cause Concrete Disintegration in Building Construction

August 30, 2017

Of all the materials we use in the construction industry, concrete is considered the most reliable. The word concrete has even become a popular adjective, one that implies solid strength. It's with some distaste, then, that we talk about the factors that cause concrete disintegration in the building industry. Nevertheless, it's our duty to consider every possibility, and there are conditions where concrete will break down…

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Different Types of Foundations and Footings in Building Construction Projects

August 8, 2017

What's at stake when the foundations of a building are spread out on the draughting table? Well, this substructural framework, composed of a foundations and footings system, is tasked with a heavy burden, both figuratively and literally. Designed to absolutely support the structure that's rising above that ground parcel, there are different types of foundations and footings in use today. Let's explore these support systems…

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What are Stormwater Quality Improvement Devices (SQIDs)?

July 26, 2017

Technical terms are essential building blocks, although they are figurative assets, not physical constructs. They bolster man's finest engineering projects by adding context to discipline-specific subjects. Among these terms, technical consultants call upon stormwater quality improvement devices (SQIDs) when they're describing a tactic that's intended to stop stormwater pollution in its tracks…

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Purpose of Erosion and Sediment Control Plan

July 11, 2017

Civil engineers and their technical consulting cousins know that soldiers and explorers carved out our world. But they're equally aware of the following truism: engineers built our society. Without those buildings and a supporting infrastructure, we'd still be living in caves. Still, nature will have her way, which is why those same engineers guard their man-made developments by incorporating an erosion and sediment control plan into the overall design…

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Hydraulic Engineering: Wastewater and Stormwater Treatment Systems

June 27, 2017

In an ideal wastewater and stormwater drainage system, a hydraulic load is carried away without issue. In the real world, however, the wastewater contains a pollutant load. As defined in the DCP(2012) guidelines, there are development control plans that manage liquid wastes. They document what it takes to regulate the contaminant loads…

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Why Should You Hire an Engineering Consultant for Various Engineering Projects?

June 14, 2017

The role of a highly qualified engineering consultant is to utilise an expansive set of developmental skills to plan buildable project solutions. Granted, the required degree of technical expertise has to adopt a wide-spectrum design perspective so that every stage of that project is properly addressed by these expert engineering services, but where does this developmental acuity start and end? Are there limits? Or is this a cradle to the grave enterprise…

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flood way

Stormwater Extensions and Retention Systems

May 24, 2017

Stormwater Extensions and Retention Systems supplement existing floodwater handling facilities. The primary line of defence, the engineered channels and drainage pipes, manage heavy seasonal downpours as designed, but the lay of the land can counter this topological mechanism, perhaps even to the point that an overflow is near certain. The goal of an extension system is to provide volumetric overhead.

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Flood Routing: Definition, Purposes and Importance

May 10, 2017

The object of this composition is to build a flood routing definition that's comprehensible. Technical terms will likely pop up occasionally, but the basic concepts should be presented in a legible manner so that anyone can understand the engineering principles. Equations and technical jargon aside, the goal of this engineering study is to ensure an adequate flood protection strategy is in place.

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handy man

Canals and Revetment Works: What Makes This an Important Engineering Project?

April 28, 2017

In olden days, before railways existed, long canals carried merchandise from small ports. Unfortunately, the slow-moving barges took days to carry their loads to faraway distribution warehouses. Today's canals are tasked with a different but no less important role.

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Bioretention Systems: What are they?

April 11, 2017

Many definitions of civil engineering work exist. Principally, this is a diverse discipline, a means of using the tools we have at hand to improve societal enclaves. We design and build amazing structures to accommodate these infrastructural alterations.

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Structural Engineering and Construction Support to Owner Builders

March 29, 2017

Owner builders are keen-witted types. Indeed, we see them purchasing, improving, and reselling their properties so that they can turn a profit. Still, this mentality only gains momentum when a small housing project requires remodelling.

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Retro Fitting and Engineering Planning of Flood Prone Areas: FTS Goes Above and Beyond

March 22, 2017

Flood prone areas make the news all the time. After a flood, despondent families are seen gazing at their damaged homes and water-soaked belongings. The muddy water is also a health risk. It mixes with sewage, which then creates a bacteria-infused muck.

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Urban Stormwater Management and Guide to Sustainable Drainage Design

February 23, 2017

An inverse relationship often acts as a system beneficial mechanism. In nature, negative feedback is found in the carbon cycle and in plant photosynthesis. Sometimes, though, such relationships can harm the systems they're regulating.

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Essential Tips on How to Choose the Best Structural and Civil Engineering Contractor for Your Project

February 8, 2017

How does a busy client choose the best structural and civil engineering contractor? Every project is different, so the ideal match has to have experience, right? That seasoned expertise solves design puzzles, corrects architectural headaches, and makes short work of theoretical posers before they become hard-as-concrete mechanical hazards.

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