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Hydraulic Design of Dams: Some Basic Principles and Planning Guide

December 14, 2018

While nature's engineer, the humble beaver, shapes his own waterways, man has learned to construct artificial dams. It's a fiercely amazing capacity we wield, one that needs to be used responsibly.

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Oil and Chemical Spill Capture Systems: How This Technology Can Help the Environment

December 12, 2018

Oils and chemicals play important roles. The cleverly formulated fluids lubricate machines and form countless artificially created substances. Even the plastics industry counts on hydrocarbons and complex compounds.

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Civil Engineering Work: Inspection of Fuel and Oil Bund Storage Systems

November 22, 2018

Some all-inclusive rules must be adhered to when civil engineers approach hydrocarbon bunding inspections. There are ignitable materials here, so no spark creating tools are permitted. A maintenance schedule is recommended here, considering the dangers that exist inside bunding areas. First things first, though.

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Understanding the Purposes of Pavement Engineering

November 13, 2018

Whether a street parking lot is being implemented as part of a citywide renovation plan or an airfield is expanding its light aircraft maintenance stand, these services can't be properly effected unless there's a pavement engineering expert on-hand. But what does this engineering professional do? Well, unlike roadways, pavements are expected to handle all kinds of static and dynamic loads. That's something of a tough design challenge to crack.

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How to Ensure Quality in Structural Stabilisation and Strengthening

October 26, 2018

Happily, structural engineers are doing their job. Single-span architecture or multi-span framing is on the plans, and the contractors are making sure those drawings are followed to the letter. Technical services have another job in mind. Pulling back their focus, the professionally accredited engineers see the big picture. Structural stabilisation plans at the fore, every roof pitch issue, every soil condition problem and framing configuration, is weighed and assessed.

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Suspended Concrete Slabs and Formwork Systems

October 11, 2018

According to every engineering handbook, suspended concrete slabs are defined as flat, table-like surfaces, which have no direct physical connection to the ground. Included in the list of challenges faced by a consulting engineer here, there's the formwork system to create, one that'll support and buttress the concrete slabs as they're installed inside a multi-storey structure.

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Different Structural Systems Part 2 - Steel, Timber, Aluminium, Fibreglass and Carbon Fibre

September 26, 2018

Previously, the explorative strands of this guide pored through a set of key structural systems forms. Brick and mortar and tensioned concrete headlined the guide. Material hardened and cured, the solid building materials often came with steel-cored inserts, which further strengthened a building's framework.

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Different Structural Systems Part 1 – Precast, Reinforced and Post-Tensioned Concrete, Masonry

September 14, 2018

In engineering parlance, structural systems are intended as edifice forming and load supporting frameworks. Envisage all of the intersecting and interconnecting structural elements inside a building. In all such cases, this skeletal frame is held together by a building envelope. That outer cladding adheres to certain conventions.

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Wind Engineering: Vibration and Dynamic Response Analysis on Structures

August 27, 2018

An entire science has built up around this single doctrine. In short, when the wind blows, structures are influenced by its force. Trees sway in the wind because of this principle. If they were hard but inelastic, then they'd break as soon as the first heavy gust blew. It's the same for man-made structures. Steel and other structural alloys are hard, yet they're also simultaneously flexible.

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Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) Services

August 17, 2018

Water sensitive urban design (WSUD) assesses fluid resources. Imagine the discipline integrating every artificial water system, as created by the urbanites occupying a region, then adding Mother Nature's impact to the study. Thanks to WSUD, the planning of under and over ground assets, we can monitor life-sustaining water supplies, then use intelligent engineering practices to manage this precious resource.

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Rainwater Harvesting System: How Does it Work?

July 27, 2018

Rainwater harvesting systems are designed to collect and store what would otherwise escape into a drainage system. Yes, drains are essential, but we don't want all of the runoff to slip away. Imagine a heavy storm in a desert community. The streets are afloat in floodwater. However, after the water drains, the town is dry again. We need a proportional response, a collection mechanism that works with the drains…

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Stormwater Drainage and Flooding Investigations Services: The Importance of Risk Assessment

July 13, 2018

Urban drainage systems are expected to function at their best, no matter the threat. That's something of a bold assertion. Regardless of the potential flooding conditions, stormwater drainage conduits ought to perform as designed. Unfortunately, those designs exist on paper, and that functional best only exists inside a mathematical model…

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Uses and Purposes of Storm Water Detention Tanks

June 26, 2018

Stormwater detention tanks, as the label implies, are designed to detain this essential natural resource. Granted, the sight is enthralling. Huge quantities of water are flowing across the ground and rapidly draining away. It's only when the storm is over that we realize the life-giving liquid is gone…

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Understanding Sewerage Treatment Systems

June 8, 2018

Sewerage treatment systems thoroughly scrub waste from citywide waste streams. That being said, there's no single technological approach that will filter and neutralize this noxious human byproduct. In lieu of such a singular solution, numerous processes work together to effectively eliminate the waste. Starting with the pre-treatment stage, let's see where the chain of sewage-eliminating actions flows to before that fluid can safely reenter the local environment…

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What is Hydrological River Modelling?

May 29, 2018

Some engineering phrases seem intended to bamboozle everyday folk. Oftentimes, though, the key to interpreting an unusual string of words is just to tackle each word in turn. Hydrological river modelling, a clearly technical term, makes mention of rivers. So far so good, but what's being "modelled." Generally speaking, the words glue together to deal with the challenges impacting our watercourses. For now, let's look at sediment levels…

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Design and Inspection of Gross Pollutant Traps

May 14, 2018

Before this post starts rifling off data about gross pollutant traps, we need some background. Contextually, it comes down to this, the notion that a primary barrier determines the efficiency of a waterway's filtration system. Sure, there are material screens at work throughout stormwater drainage systems, but a frontline barrier meets the brunt of any muck-filled assault. Ground filth or litter, what design factors stop this messy invasion…

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Hydraulic Engineering Services: Drainage - Ground and Surface Water Disposal and Treatment

April 26, 2018

Full-service consulting engineers view ground and surface water disposal matters with a critical eye. The water, if it's left untreated, will fill with contaminants. The ecosystem is under threat as that fouled pool sinks into the ground or funnels itself across the land. Fortunately, that critical engineering eye has actioned a hydraulic engineering service…

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Foundation Inspections: Reasons Why You Need to Hire for Structural Engineering Services

April 17, 2018

The ground is level and compacted. The foundations go in, the structure goes up, and the project finishes. Two months later, there's a crack in the foundations. What went wrong? A structural engineering service examines the land records. An old quarry was on that land ages ago. Safely buried, the ground shifted because of the buried scrap. Sometimes buried problems hurt structures…

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Civil Engineering Works and Services: The Importance of Site Planning and Assessment

March 29, 2018

Civil engineering work requires vast amounts of materials and manual labour. It's a physically exhausting, mechanically grueling occupation. Nevertheless, at least as much effort must be reserved for the conceptual phase. The site is like a blank canvas. All of the permits are in order, so let's set the planning and assessment stage in motion. As with any other construction project, the work starts at ground level…

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Causes of Cement Cracks and Their Remedies in Building Construction

March 22, 2018

An intact concrete shell protects a sprawling city. Only, there are cracks spreading under a structural wall, down to the foundations, and disappearing below the ground line. Cracks, propagating like a spiderweb of fracture lines. …

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Quality Construction Services: Site Clearing, Clean Up and Rubbish Removal

February 28, 2018

Accomplished site clearing services don't get the recognition they deserve. That seems unfair. After all, how could a construction project move forward if there was rubbish dumped all over the place? Not only that, the scrap could be leftover from a recently demolished structure…

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Civil Engineering and Work Coverage of Fairdinkum Technical Services in New South Wales and Queensland

February 14, 2018

Duty calls, which means a civil engineering service is likely prepping its resources and planning a new project. The work will be tough, but the plans are already on the drawing board. They cover a large belt of land, with the work coverage zone crossing New South Wales and Queensland…

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Structural Engineering: Integral Parts of Foundation Design

January 29, 2018

No matter how difficult, how complex a construction project has become, a properly conceived foundation design phase will support the erection process and really fortify the building framework. Structural integrity is established as those foundations root themselves. However, if that ground-based structural anchor is somehow weakened, then the load it's supporting cannot be secured…

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Water Reticulation System: Important Facts to Remember

January 15, 2018

An adequate supply of life-giving water guarantees a sated thirst. Certainly, this is a service we all take for granted. It's there at the twist of a tap. When we bathe, water tumbles free of a shower head, and not a single thought is spared for this nigh on miraculous utility. Yes, a water reticulation system distributes the one liquid we cannot exist without, so it deserves some study…

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