Boost Shoreline Protection with the Construction of a Revetment

25 May 2022

People living or working near the coastline can conveniently enjoy the magnificent view of the surroundings. And with these views, they can easily gain health benefits and life improvements. Property owners, however, must ensure that their buildings or structures are protected from coastal erosion. Coastal erosion is the displacement of some land areas due to waves, currents, and tides. It can likewise happen due to waterborne ice, heavy storm impacts, and others. The impact of coastal erosion can be significant, especially for those living or working near the coastline. As some parts of the land are displaced, a wide array […]

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What Makes Lifecycle Costing Assessments Significant in Construction Projects?

10 May 2022

Not all buildings are similar. Many elements during their construction phases can be different. From the materials down to their general plan and design, they are expected to boast unique qualities that can be reflected by their overall property value. The value of properties may change over time. Depending on their usage, maintenance, and other factors, they might end up getting more valuable if they have been managed by responsible property owners. On the other hand, properties that are constantly ignored and neglected may boast depreciating value. These properties can even pose risk to the safety of occupants. But before […]

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Defining Concrete Slab Floors and their Key Benefits

26 April 2022

Contractors must always ensure that their construction projects will be done properly. Hence, they should only opt for materials that can help them construct buildings and structures without any issues. One part of construction projects that should be considered all the time is the creation of the foundation. The foundation of buildings and structures is intended to support them throughout their operational life. Without a stable and solid foundation, these properties will only sink into the ground, generating cracks and damages that can be dangerous for their occupants and nearby properties. Their foundation can also insulate the properties as well […]

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The Significance of Soil Levelling on a Construction Site

07 April 2022

Before buildings and structures are constructed, contractors have to ensure first that the areas where they will be erected have been prepared. One activity they should conduct to prepare a specific construction site is soil levelling. Soil levelling is a worksite preparation activity that guarantees a level base. It can also be done to effectively process a specified slope and yield a reliable foundation, base course, and surface drainage. This activity may integrate land clearing, excavation, and demolition of old structures, ensuring that the construction site will be prepared for subsequent construction works. Ultimately, soil levelling can determine the durability […]

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Basic Requirements of Road Alignment and Its Contributing Factors

25 March 2022

The condition of a community relies heavily on the existence of roads. Roads are areas where vehicles and other means of transport can traverse. Since they move people and products from one point to another, socio-economic developments grow effectively, especially if the roads are designed well. One activity that can ensure the proper design of roads is road alignment. Road alignment is the placement of a road’s centreline. It dictates the direction in which the road will go and pass, preventing conflicts that often contribute to heavy traffic and frequent vehicular accidents or collisions. It likewise establishes the best way […]

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