Structural Engineering Services: Taking a Closer Look at Pile Foundations and Its Functions

05 August 2021

One aspect of construction project sites that must always be considered by contractors is the presence of adequate soil bearing capacity. Soil bearing capacity is the capacity of the soil to support the load of elements that are being placed above the ground without expecting shear failure. It likewise describes the maximum average contact pressure between the soil and the elements’ load. Some elements that are often applied above the ground are building foundations, cranes, and retaining walls. Various qualities of the soil can affect the overall soil bearing capacity. The type of soil present underground can determine the said […]

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The Role of Forensic Engineering in Identifying the Causes of Construction Failures

23 July 2021

When it comes to constructing a building or structure, a lot of steps and phases must be done to ensure that the result of the project will be durable, long-lasting, and safe. From rigorous inspections and assessments down to the construction itself, all these things must be done carefully to avoid failures. And so, if a building or structure manifests some issues and problems, all the involved personnel and professionals would have to pinpoint the root causes. Worse, if a building or structure collapses, then something has gone wrong during the vital phases of the construction project. Fortunately, even with […]

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The Significance of Utilising Structural Steel Frames in Building Construction Projects

08 July 2021

Building structures are often comprised of materials and components that allow them to serve their intended purpose. Some of them might be used for residential purposes, while others are designed to house offices for various companies. These properties can also be utilised by owners of retail stores, warehouses, factories, and other commercial establishments. Schools, museums, and state facilities can likewise take advantage of building structures in serving their purposes. But for building structures to be functional, they must be built out of durable materials. One of the materials that often help in making these projects successful is structural steel frames.  […]

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Why Do Construction Projects Often Start with Feasibility Studies?

24 June 2021

Construction projects must follow numerous phases so that they can be successful and can be done effectively. These phases include project initiation and conception, project planning, project execution, project monitoring, and project closing. The first phase of construction projects is the project initiation and conception. During this phase, the involved professionals must conduct numerous feasibility studies that could help determine the viability of the project. This phase likewise defines the project and tries to study solutions that are needed to resolve specific project issues, if there are any. Various team consultations are also made during this phase, ensuring that everything […]

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Main Reasons Why Your Building Foundation Matters

07 June 2021

No matter how beautiful a building is, it must still possess a specific characteristic that would make it truly valuable. This characteristic would be the presence of a solid and robust foundation.  During construction works, a contractor and the involved professionals should first assess the whole site before proceeding with the next steps. Without assessment, a building may deteriorate and collapse, obtain damages, and cost the lives of the people inside and around it. Integrating a solid foundation, alternatively, can provide tons of benefits to the building and its occupants. A solid foundation is normally created by excavating the ground […]

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