Land Assessments and Development Reports: Important Things You Need to Understand

26 March 2020

Regardless of the purpose of your land development project, you must go through multiple steps to bring your plan to fruition. Two vital stages are performing a land assessment and drawing up development reports. These elements help you determine if the land is suitable for the project and also, can assist you in receiving approval from the local authorities along with other benefits. Below, you will learn some important facts that you need to understand about both these stages. Land Assessments Must Be Customised for Each Project Even though each assessment needs to be altered to suit the specific project, […]

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Hydraulic Engineering Services: The Uses and Functions of Hydrological Modelling

13 March 2020

Today, managing water resources is crucial when developing architectural or engineering projects. Hydrology is the science that covers the properties of the world’s water along with how it moves in relationship to the land. Using this science, hydrological modelling has been developed to analyse real-world situations, such as soil water, surface water, groundwater, wetlands and more in order to understand, manage and predict water resources accurately. Not only is the quantity and quality of water included in this modelling but also the flow of it. We discuss this modelling in a bit more detail in the following. Special Software Is […]

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Effective Project Management in Urban Development Planning

21 February 2020

Nowhere in the world do towns, cities or even subdivisions just appear without extensive planning. It takes months and even years of preparation, designing and construction to bring about these urban development projects. In addition, each one of these projects requires effective project management to ensure that the plans come to fruition accurately and to local building codes. We are here to discuss how this management is useful in the planning of an urban development since it is easy to understand how it helps with the rest of the processes. What is Urban Development Planning? Urban development planning is a […]

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Benefits of Dilapidation and Property Condition Reports in Forensic Engineering

03 February 2020

Forensic engineering utilises the principles of engineering to investigate structural failures that may lead to civil or criminal lawsuits or other legal action. As a result, it involves that examination of structures, products, materials, components and any other elements of the site that can cause issues, such as malfunctions or total failure that can lead to property damage, personal injury, or financial loss. In order for the forensic engineers to execute their jobs efficiently, they must not only perform an in-depth analysis, but they also need to issue dilapidation and property condition reports to all interested parties. The following are […]

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How Groins and Revetments Help Control Coastal Erosion

20 January 2020

It’s hard to remain impartial about the whole global warming debate when we see our coasts being borne away by tidal forces. The sands shift, are absconded by the sea, and a landmass shrinks. Coastlines are actually changing shape and retreating because of this phenomenon. To address the matter, to protect a nation’s shores, technical services reps are currently developing a whole arsenal of augmented coastal erosion solutions. Preparing Coastal Erosion Defense Solutions Just like most of nature’s forces, the waves that strike our shores are packed full of dynamic energies. When the wind attacks a tall building, it strikes […]

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