Structural Concrete Cracks: What are the Causes?

15 January 2021

Concrete is normally comprised of fine and coarse aggregate that is combined with a fluid cement before the final material hardens and solidifies over time. This material has been maximised by the construction industry due to its known durability, strength, and versatility. Some known applications of concrete include pavers, pipes, drains, and other structural parts of a building or infrastructure. But even though concrete has the durability and strength to make it last longer, it is still prone to damages. One common issue with concrete is that it tends to sustain cracks, especially if there are forces that can trigger […]

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The Importance of Covid19 Safety Plan and Why an Engineering and Construction Firm Must Be Covid19 Safe

14 December 2020

While a lot of pharmaceutical companies are now gearing up towards the conclusion of their clinical trials for COVID-19 vaccines, firms and businesses are still obligated and required to follow safety precautions just to effectively mitigate and prevent the spread of COVID-19 on their workplaces. Engineering and constructions firms are among those businesses that must be COVID-19 safe all the time.  As they face clients and go to project sites almost every day, these types of firms must ensure that their work will remain safe throughout the project. Additionally, firms, especially their owners or managers, must make sure that a […]

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Why Documentation Services are Essential for Construction Works

04 December 2020

Documentation is generally composed of communicable materials that can be utilised in describing, explaining, or instructing a system, procedure, or any attributes of an object. Some parts of the documentation typically include parts, assembly, installation, maintenance, and use of a product.  As for construction works, documentation would pertain to the core memory of a building or infrastructure project. It basically keeps all the needed information and events that have transpired and have been conducted throughout a given activity. The absence of documentation works for a particular construction project can be problematic to the property owners, project managers, and even the […]

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Engineering and Construction Services: The Importance of Following Work Safety Guidelines During Pandemic

20 November 2020

Companies that conduct engineering and construction services typically follow certain work guidelines to ensure that their projects will be completed without causing harm or damages. But with the current global health situation, they are obliged to adhere to additional work safety guidelines to avoid compromising the health of their personnel as well as project owners or managers. Keeping the Workplace Safe During the Pandemic To maintain the safety of the workplace, the building and construction industry is mandated to follow certain guidelines during the whole course of the pandemic. Take note that some guidelines have already been part of the […]

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Understanding the Pipeline Construction Process from Beginning to Advance

06 November 2020

Pipelines play a vital role in communities and industries. They are typically responsible for the transport of water and sewage from one place to another, ensuring that properties possess an adequate supply of clean water while flushing out wastewater.  Pipeline networks, which are composed of numerous interconnected pipelines, are typically laid underground. And so, their construction process can be delicate. But as long as they do not obstruct any properties along the way, these pipelines are assured to function the way they are intended to do. The basic pipeline construction process is comprised of the following steps: Finalise Detailed Map […]

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