What is Geotechnical Report and Why You should Get Soil Surveys before Building

21 September 2017

A geotechnical report is vital before you begin any type of construction or building. It is a prerequisite prior to construction and even before house plans are determined. The geotechnical report includes a site analysis of the soil, rocks, bedrock properties and fault distribution. The investigation is done in order to determine the engineering properties of how the elements and constitutes will interact with a proposed construction. A geotechnical report is comprised of a site analysis that is tested by a geotechnical engineer. A geotechnical engineer is also called a geotech and sometimes a mud doctor. The foremost reason for […]

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Knockdown and Rebuild without Compromising the Structural Integrity of Your Home

06 September 2017

Homeowners choose to knockdown and rebuild for numerous reasons. You may need to upsize, downsize or want to upgrade to a contemporary style. Or perhaps your current home has various designing errors that are continual frustrations. What was popular thirty years ago may be uninviting by today’s standards. But for whatever reason you are rebuilding, make sure it is done correctly and professionally. Weighing the Aspects If there are only a few features keeping you from your dream home, then it stands to reason that you should expand or renovate. But if your home scarcely meets your needs, then it […]

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Factors that Cause Concrete Disintegration in Building Construction

30 August 2017

Of all the materials we use in the construction industry, concrete is considered the most reliable. The word concrete has even become a popular adjective, one that implies solid strength. It’s with some distaste, then, that we talk about the factors that cause concrete disintegration in the building industry. Nevertheless, it’s our duty to consider every possibility, and there are conditions where concrete will break down. We begin with sulphate attacks. Concrete Deterioration: Sulphate Attacks Soluble sulphates (sulfates) undermine the rocky performance features that we’ve come to expect from this construction mainstay. The chemical assault takes place at a microscopic […]

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Different Types of Foundations and Footings in Building Construction Projects

09 August 2017

What’s at stake when the foundations of a building are spread out on the draughting table? Well, this substructural framework, composed of a foundations and footings system, is tasked with a heavy burden, both figuratively and literally. Designed to absolutely support the structure that’s rising above that ground parcel, there are different types of foundations and footings in use today. Let’s explore these support systems. Building Strong Foundations Like the threads on a patterned swathe of fabric, concrete and steel-reinforced tie bars lace the excavated ground. That ground has been surveyed, cleared and graded, and prepared for the foundations. First […]

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What are Stormwater Quality Improvement Devices (SQIDs)?

26 July 2017

Technical terms are essential building blocks, although they are figurative assets, not physical constructs. They bolster man’s finest engineering projects by adding context to discipline-specific subjects. Among these terms, technical consultants call upon stormwater quality improvement devices (SQIDs) when they’re describing a tactic that’s intended to stop stormwater pollution in its tracks. Still, a more pragmatic explanation is available, and it all begins with water filtration technology. Manufacturing Stormwater Quality Improvement Solutions If pragmatism is the goal, then let’s talk about a device class that’s designed as a drain guard. These SQIDs are installed as pit guards, as devices that […]

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