Construction Support for Small Scale Domestic Improvement Projects: Call Fairkindum Technical Services

11 September 2019

Scalable consulting services can raise their game to take on any challenge. For a huge civil engineering project, one that’s loaded down with infrastructural challenges, an accomplished construction site supervisor simultaneously coordinates multiple scheduled work teams while also talking to the client and dozens of job vendors. Scaling to meet the needs of small domestic improvement projects, the same range of support services are immediately at the beck and call of a grateful homeowner or property manager. A Not So Humble Services Pledge Fairdinkum Technical Services representatives are scalability specialists. There’s all the big project work, which could fill several […]

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The Importance of Safety Inspection of Access Structures in Structural Engineering

22 August 2019

Nothing is more important than the preservation of life. Unfortunately, short-term safety solutions don’t always guarantee long-term hazard-protection measures. Harder to enforce, at least from an engineer’s perspective, that maxim necessitates the recruitment of a structurally savvy consulting professional. Take access structures as a prime example of this confidently stated assertion. A gangway crosses a void between two tall, structure-encircling metal frames. Stacked with worker access platforms, a site tech carries out an inspection. Avoid Non-Accomplished Safety Inspections The on-site technicians try their best. They even manage to list a few safety-relevant problems. A few heavy-duty fasteners are loosening, and […]

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Ways to Minimise Construction Cost in Structural Steel Buildings

07 August 2019

A consensus has been reached among structural engineers. It’s a simple enough conviction, the fact that larger buildings utilize scores of structural steel elements. Beams fasten and weld together to form expensive constructs, but that’s just the nature of the business, right? Actually, there are ways to cut costs, ways that don’t require risky corner-cutting exercises. For one thing, there’s always a highly detailed blueprint, so why not add another one? Cost-Cutting Blueprint Appraisal Services A structure has maybe been designed by a leading Australian engineer. It satisfies the design drawings created by an architect and a structural engineer. It’ll […]

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Forensic Engineering Expert Services: How Design and Expert Witness Reports Should Be Done

18 July 2019

Just like any other professionally commissioned service, Forensic Engineering work must be conducted by a well-versed expert. Erudite in manner, this enterprising individual applies a vocationally adept mindset. Now, arriving on site, perhaps after a nasty structural issue has been discovered, the real job begins. Charged with a weighty responsibility, the forensic engineer gathers data from all angles, including site bystanders. Critically, that data must then be objectively compiled. Data Gathering: Objectivity Above All Else If a technically flavoured debacle of some kind has arisen, the individual who gathers the different accounts and perspectives of the incident must contain facts […]

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How Important is Life Cycle Costing Assessment in Project Management?

04 July 2019

Life Cycle Costing Assessment is a tool used by engineering consultants to extrapolate the incurred costs of a chosen infrastructural system over all the phases of its working existence. Using LCCA estimates, an asset controlling officer makes acquisition choices, creates capital expenditure outlay tables, and analyses system operating expenses. In effect, this finance-savvy expert uses existing process behaviour patterns to project system life cycles. More Than a Spreadsheet Issue A project management strategy can be fuelled for quite some time by financial numbers. The costs of equipment, the interest rates incurred during the operational lifespan of an infrastructure branch, the […]

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