Damage Assessments in Forensic Engineering: How Reports are Done

22 October 2019

Odds are, when a consulting engineer inspects an untenable structure, a damage assessment report is underway. A consultancy firm has dispatched the forensic expert, and he or she is taking notes on a clipboard while carrying out a legally governed loss adjustment appraisal. For those who’d like to know what goes into one of these forensic reports, keep right on reading; we’re going to take a peek over this consulting professional’s shoulder. Outlining Forensic Reports for Damage Assessment Purposes Regardless of the type of damage, the consultant arrives with no preconceptions to prejudice his work. It could be that a […]

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Hydraulic Engineering: The Importance of Oil Spill Capture Systems in Marine Life Preservation

09 October 2019

On land, consulting engineering services design working models, which grow into full-size constructs. Those structures drain stormwater into special ground channels and culverts. At sea, the challenges swing round by 180-degrees. It’s the water at sea that’s the subject of concern now. Estuaries, bodies of inland water, rivers, all of these natural environments fall into a special engineering category, but more on that topic in a moment. What about oil contamination? Localizing the Source of the Contamination Oily spills aren’t usually found in rivers or lakes. Not that these important waterways are immune to pollution, they can fill up with […]

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Structural Engineering: Thermal Efficiency Designs and Energy Audits

26 September 2019

This post presents a summary of conventional and sustainable energy optimizing designs, all of which can be implemented by a skilled team of construction professionals. The tech covered here talks about emerging engineering disciplines, plus several long-established heat management strategies. Regulating these Green Construction codes, new energy auditing techniques deliver exceptional thermal efficiency savings. By monitoring those savings, intelligently implemented structural alterations develop even faster. Structural Engineering: Grass Root Energy-Saving Strategies Let’s see, smart thermostats are popular. With their microprocessors capable of learning an occupant’s room heating habits, thermal efficiency improvements are an immediate upshot. However, all the smart tech […]

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Construction Support for Small Scale Domestic Improvement Projects: Call Fairkindum Technical Services

11 September 2019

Scalable consulting services can raise their game to take on any challenge. For a huge civil engineering project, one that’s loaded down with infrastructural challenges, an accomplished construction site supervisor simultaneously coordinates multiple scheduled work teams while also talking to the client and dozens of job vendors. Scaling to meet the needs of small domestic improvement projects, the same range of support services are immediately at the beck and call of a grateful homeowner or property manager. A Not So Humble Services Pledge Fairdinkum Technical Services representatives are scalability specialists. There’s all the big project work, which could fill several […]

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The Importance of Safety Inspection of Access Structures in Structural Engineering

22 August 2019

Nothing is more important than the preservation of life. Unfortunately, short-term safety solutions don’t always guarantee long-term hazard-protection measures. Harder to enforce, at least from an engineer’s perspective, that maxim necessitates the recruitment of a structurally savvy consulting professional. Take access structures as a prime example of this confidently stated assertion. A gangway crosses a void between two tall, structure-encircling metal frames. Stacked with worker access platforms, a site tech carries out an inspection. Avoid Non-Accomplished Safety Inspections The on-site technicians try their best. They even manage to list a few safety-relevant problems. A few heavy-duty fasteners are loosening, and […]

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