Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering Consulting Services NSW & QLD

Civil Engineering deals with the various engineering principles of public and private infrastructure projects in terms of design, construction, and preservation of materials and naturally built environment. Civil Engineering works include the construction of roads, bridges, dams, revetment structures, drainage systems, pavements and driveways, trenchments, and many others.

Our Civil Engineering Consulting Services include investigation, design and inspections during construction of:

  • Bioretention systems
  • Bridges
  • Bulk earthworks design and volumes
  • Fuel and Oil Bund Storage systems
  • Business Park Estates
  • Car parks and loading docks
  • Canals & Revetment Works
  • Site works planning
  • Farm dams and detention storages
  • Driveways and vehicle hardstands
  • Earthworks – slopes, cut and fill volumes
  • Groins and Revetment Walls
  • High Voltage Cable Pits and Conduit Trenching
  • Infrastructure Engineering and Master Planning
  • Landscape Structural Fill
  • Masts and posts
  • Pavement and site grading
  • Pavement Engineering
  • Pipelines and pumping stations
  • Railway associated civil works
  • Retaining walls, revetment structures and shoring
  • Revetment and retaining walls
  • River and marine foreshore works
  • Road alignments & structural Design
  • Road functional layouts and 3D geometry
  • Soil erosion & sediment control systems planning
  • Slope Stability Assessments
  • Subdivisions
  • Subsoil Drainage Systems
  • Substations and transformer yards
  • Tanks and Storage Facilities
  • Tidal Control Gates
  • Town Centre & Urban Community Developments
  • Wharves, jetties, pontoons and decks

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