Defining Concrete Slab Floors and their Key Benefits

26 April 2022

Contractors must always ensure that their construction projects will be done properly. Hence, they should only opt for materials that can help them construct buildings and structures without any issues.

One part of construction projects that should be considered all the time is the creation of the foundation. The foundation of buildings and structures is intended to support them throughout their operational life. Without a stable and solid foundation, these properties will only sink into the ground, generating cracks and damages that can be dangerous for their occupants and nearby properties. Their foundation can also insulate the properties as well as prevent them from overloading.

One type of foundation that can be beneficial for contractors is concrete slabs. Here are some things that you should know about concrete slabs.

An Overview of Concrete Slabs

One staple of foundation works is concrete slabs. Concrete slabs are created by excavating perimeter footings in a construction site before pouring concrete into the soil. 

A wide array of concrete slab types can be maximised by contractors. One of these types is the slab-on-ground slabs. These concrete slabs maximise deep excavated beams that are insulated underneath the broad floor panels. Another type of concrete slab is the suspended slab. Suspended slabs can often be seen above ground level. These slabs are recommended for the flooring of upper stories. One more type of concrete slabs is the precast slabs, which are slabs that have been generated offsite before transporting and putting them in the area where they are intended.

Tons of foundation options can be picked by contractors. Concrete slabs, however, boast a wide array of features that made them one of the most preferred ways of generating the needed property foundations.

Concrete Slabs’ Main Benefits

Concrete slabs or concrete slab floors boast benefits that contractors and property owners can highly appreciate. Some of their benefits are as follows:

  • Durable – One benefit of concrete slabs is that they are durable. With proper preparation of concrete slabs, they are expected to last a long time, which can help maintain the safety and stability of properties above them. Some activities that must be done to ensure their durability include compacting the concrete slabs and applying appropriate treatments. Once these things have been done, they can easily prevent groundwater and insects from damaging them.
  • Reliable – Aside from being durable, concrete slabs can also benefit property owners and contractors as they can be reliable. By installing the concrete slabs properly and strategically, they can easily make sure that the indoor comfort of property spaces will be retained. The material of the concrete slabs can radiate or absorb heat that comes from outdoors, which helps in providing a cooling or heating effect to the occupants.
  • Cheap – One more benefit of concrete slabs or concrete slab floors is that they are much cheaper and more affordable than other types of foundation. Concrete slabs are cheap since they utilise materials that are common in most construction works. One caveat with concrete slab floors is that they may take some time to dry and cure during their installation. 

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