Design, Structural and Civil Engineering Assistance to Owner Builders

13 October 2017

Under current construction ordinances, owner builders can readily finance their own projects. That’s a position of strength from which much can be accomplished. It’s also a highly responsible position, one that benefits from outside assistance. Sure, the task is entirely achievable, especially if the owner-builder has engineering experience. Nevertheless, wouldn’t it be better to share the load? As your reputable engineering proxy, we stand ready to provide that service.

Reviewing the Owner Builder Mindset

Established as a means of driving a thriving nation’s economy, owner builders assume the entire weight of a building project. Granted, that burden is acceptable if the astute landholder is managing a home improvement project, but what if the work encompasses a dozen different disciplines? Suddenly, it’s not quite so easy to manage, even if the person running the show is a skilled construction director. What’s needed here is an engineering consultant, a multidisciplinary benefactor who can take on as much of the burden as the client desires.

Design and Structural Engineering Support

Accountability is the byword here, with the owner builder’s concept shaping the structure while local building guidelines introduce an initial design roadblock. Working with an assisting structural engineer, that initial concept is translated into an entirely workable and code-regulated layout. In short, the owner builder, regardless of construction savvy, secures that initial plan by having it professionally adapted until it fits established construction conventions. The lines of that roughed out drawing are straightened, properly sourced materials are matched with engineering loads, and the building’s services are assessed so that they provide utility services for those living or working inside.

Tasked with Providing a Civil Engineering Partnership

Again, let’s bring the focus of this narrative back to accountability and the multidisciplinary skills that address that objective. Even if the assigned project leader is a capable contractor, someone who can manage a work crew, there’s much more to work on before the project can be brought under control. Civil engineering consultants tackle these complex endeavours on a daily basis. Soil types and topographical studies are a critical part of that knowledge base, as are the many construction-related subsets that extend from these site management variables.

In the broadest terms, owner builders can accomplish anything when the building site requires renovation. However, when the project is loaded with numerous engineering variables, a structural engineer, an assisting agent who has a civil engineering background, should be regarded as an invaluable asset. Engage that design, structural, and civil engineering service when a concept needs professional draughting, a structure requires an expert hand, or a whole project needs an authoritative consultancy team that can deal with anything from land surveyance to environmental engineering.

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