Effective Project Management in Urban Development Planning

21 February 2020

Nowhere in the world do towns, cities or even subdivisions just appear without extensive planning. It takes months and even years of preparation, designing and construction to bring about these urban development projects. In addition, each one of these projects requires effective project management to ensure that the plans come to fruition accurately and to local building codes. We are here to discuss how this management is useful in the planning of an urban development since it is easy to understand how it helps with the rest of the processes.

What is Urban Development Planning?

Urban development planning is a complex process for constructing on land in urban areas through putting engineering, science and design skills to use effectively. It involves not only the design of the structures and roads, but it also includes the best way to utilise the land and available water supply. This planning is used for subdivisions, towns, cities and in some cases, public parks. Without proper planning, urban developments can be poorly built, use the land improperly and cause chaos in the area instead of benefiting it.

How Project Management Ensures That Urban Development Planning is Effectual

A skilled project manager will examine the full scope of the urban project to ensure that every aspect of it is possible in the intended location. In addition, he or she will help come up with the master plan and all the specifications of the development but only after all the surveys, feasibility studies and advice has been given the project owner about any aspect of the project are completed. Other tasks that the project manager will be involved with is applying and receiving any permissions and permits that are necessary and the issuance of the final certification of completion for turning over the project to the owner. On top of all this, the project manager also will hand over all guarantees of workmanship, materials and products along with any warranties.

Examples of Services that Project Management Should Include

• Project estimates
• Financial qualifications
• Contract negotiations and documentation
• Liaison services with local authorities
• Recommendations for funding the project
• Progress monitoring
• Hiring all contractors and sub-contractors
• Overseeing all construction tasks closely
• Effective communication with clients to update them on all aspects of the project
• Many other types of services depending upon the scope of the urban project

If you have a project in mind for the near or far future, know that you should not even start the urban development planning without the help of effective project management. When you venture into such a project on your own, you can face some extremely complex problems.

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