Engineering Consulting Services in New South Wales and Queensland

01 December 2017

All across New South Wales and Queensland, new structures are reaching for the sky. A network of innovative infrastructural grids feed these complexes like a natural root system. Speaking of natural systems, the job of an adept engineering consulting service here is to protect the environment while bringing the latest construction solutions to fruition. That’s something of a tough mission, but it’s one we accept with some zeal.

What’s The Goal?

Growing from strength-to-strength, top-tier engineering consulting services sweat the details, deal with large-scale projects, and know just how to bridge these two work domains. Out here, in New South Wales and Queensland, we figure 35 years of experience in construction and design is more than enough to qualify the Fairdinkum Technical Services team as experts in our field. But what is that field? Well, there are the small-scale construction projects, the details we just mentioned, plus the CAD workstations that create entirely new structures. They require design input, a degree of planning that guarantees a thread of dedicated support. Looping through home projects and street construction services, that thread includes direct involvement, which is a feature that many other consultants shy away from because they’re busy working on their design plans and permits.

Community-Based Work Services

Don’t get us wrong, there’s a real need for strong communications lines in New South Wales and Queensland. The administrative arm here at Fairdinkum Technical Services reserves resources for this interdepartmental work. Tasked with lodging all required reports, permission slips, and application forms, a superior engineering consultant shifts all of this red tape onto shoulders that are equipped to deal with any bureaucratic stumbling blocks. Meanwhile, after the council permits are granted, independently-minded owner builders in these two great Australian states have access to a complete range of construction and improvement services. In fact, maintenance work or landscaping, new construction or geotechnical operation, the FTS talent reservoir comprehensively caters for all infrastructural domains, even those that involve hydraulic design.

In a part of the world where direct involvement makes a difference, engineering consultant services can’t be trapped behind their desks. That’s why Fairdinkum Engineering has a Finn 1-tonne mini loader armed with a 4-in-1 bucket, plus a 4.5-tonne tipper truck. We get our hands dirty. Removing trees, lifting lamposts, or involved in infrastructural labour, there’s just something service-affirming about a technically oriented company who gets out of the office and into the heart of the project. Fully insured so that every task is backed by a liability policy and an indemnity plan, the Fairdinkum name promises quality, every step of the way.

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