Forensic Engineering

Forensic Engineering Services in NSW & QLD

Our Forensic Engineering services provide accurate and efficient forensic investigation using engineering principles to investigate failures. Whether consequences may have resulted to catastrophic incidents or not, we retrace every process and procedure to document reports and locate whatever needs improvement. Our aim is to investigate materials, products, structures or components that fail or do not operate or function as intended.

What is Forensic Engineering?

Forensic engineering is the application of engineering principles to effectively figure out the root cause of a faulty structure or damaged components. This type of engineering usually gathers all available data that concerns the affected area or portions of the building, as well as the results or effects of the actual application of construction-related data. From plans to the actual execution, all these elements are collated to know the truth behind the catastrophic damages or failure of a building. Testimonies can also be collected to solidify evidence or crossmatch them with the gathered data.

Development Reports and Insurance Investigations

Our documentation services, drawings, and reports are issued in PDF format for your reproduction under licenced copyright and include:

  • Dilapidation and property condition reports
  • Council reports and development applications
  • Design and expert witness reports
  • Feasibility studies, life cycle and maintenance assessment reports
  • Forensic engineering investigations and reports
  • Legal Investigations and Reports

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