Knockdown and Rebuild without Compromising the Structural Integrity of Your Home

06 September 2017

Homeowners choose to knockdown and rebuild for numerous reasons. You may need to upsize, downsize or want to upgrade to a contemporary style. Or perhaps your current home has various designing errors that are continual frustrations. What was popular thirty years ago may be uninviting by today’s standards. But for whatever reason you are rebuilding, make sure it is done correctly and professionally.

Weighing the Aspects

If there are only a few features keeping you from your dream home, then it stands to reason that you should expand or renovate. But if your home scarcely meets your needs, then it may be more cost effective to start over. For instance, if your living area is in the south part of the home but the house faces north, it will be very challenging and expensive to correct. Also, older homes tend to be less energy efficient. It is much easier to build from the ground up to ensure that all elements are efficient such as the foundation, insulation and roof.


When it comes to design, rebuilding allows you complete flexibility. It also improves the aesthetic value of your home by removing old plumbing, wiring and overall decreased structural integrity. The flexibility is immense and can be stylized to fit your needs.

Structural Integrity

Structural integrity is the ability of a home to uphold its structure over time without collapsing, breaking or bending. It is the key component of safety for homes and buildings. Structural engineers can assess current status of support beams, a foundation and other framework components. They can also devise various methods to ensure that the structural integrity of your home stays intact if a load-bearing wall is removed.

Maintaining Structural Integrity

Removing a wall can affect the structural integrity of a house, you cannot just knockdown and rebuild without knowing a few essentials. However, there are numerous ways to achieve structural integrity. For example, some walls can be knocked down and be replaced with an external ceiling beam or kitchen counter.

But before starting any rebuilding, it is advisable to contact a professional. When you test the structural integrity, it prevents structural failure that can cause injury, immense damage, financial loss or even death. It also safeguards your investment.

Additional Benefits

For many, casual contemporary lifestyles are enriched with open spaces. But remodeling projects sometimes require the removal of walls. Now altering a bearing wall without support can be dangerous and cause severe damage. However, not all walls are bearing.

Regardless of the type of wall that needs removed, the benefits of rebuilding are great. You can turn several small rooms into a large one or even open up existing rooms to adjoin a new addition.

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