Land Assessments and Development Reports: Important Things You Need to Understand

26 March 2020

Regardless of the purpose of your land development project, you must go through multiple steps to bring your plan to fruition. Two vital stages are performing a land assessment and drawing up development reports. These elements help you determine if the land is suitable for the project and also, can assist you in receiving approval from the local authorities along with other benefits. Below, you will learn some important facts that you need to understand about both these stages.

Land Assessments Must Be Customised for Each Project

Even though each assessment needs to be altered to suit the specific project, typical ones include information about the following:

• Site boundaries
• Pertinent facts about abutting properties
• Topography
• Current use of the site and what changes may be necessary
• Any environment issues
• Site access points from the nearby streets or other roadways
• Present site utilities or nearby existing ones to connect future ones to securely
• Current zoning classification may have a direct bearing on whether the project can proceed quickly or if the site needs rezoning prior to the start of the project
• Available water supply since certain projects can place a strain on water supplies

Assessments Should Include In-Depth Information

Land assessments need to be highly detailed with any of the characteristics that they analyse. Also, some may be of a strategic nature to allow the Australian Government to be involved along with the territory or state governments to ensure that all environmental concerns be addressed properly.

Financial Feasibility May Need to Be Part of the Land Assessment

In certain cases, a financial feasibility study has to be part of the land assessment. Usually, this is when there are issues that require addressing before the project can begin.

Development Reports Need to Be Clear and Precise

Land development reports provide property owners crucial facts to consider during developing land in some manner. They should include the most current data about the site’s overall condition as well as point out any potential problems.

Local Authorities Require Land Assessments and Development Reports to Approve Projects

It is important to take note of the fact that most local authorities require the information from both these actions to approve projects, issue permits and or grant special permissions. Without this information, you will not be able to follow through with your plans.

Turn to Professionals to Receive Quality Results

Land assessments and development reports are tasks best trusted to professionals. Only by doing so will you receive quality, accurate results. Professionals understand all the necessary procedures and inclusions to ensure your satisfaction.

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