Main Reasons Why Your Building Foundation Matters

07 June 2021

No matter how beautiful a building is, it must still possess a specific characteristic that would make it truly valuable. This characteristic would be the presence of a solid and robust foundation. 

During construction works, a contractor and the involved professionals should first assess the whole site before proceeding with the next steps. Without assessment, a building may deteriorate and collapse, obtain damages, and cost the lives of the people inside and around it. Integrating a solid foundation, alternatively, can provide tons of benefits to the building and its occupants.

A solid foundation is normally created by excavating the ground and filling the trenches with strong and reliable materials. Given the dangers associated with a weak foundation, it must be planned and created appropriately. After all, the following reasons prove the significance of your building foundation.

Stable Building Support

A building cannot withstand elements and forces around if it is not built above a solid foundation. Since the foundation is typically buried underground, it can provide stable and long-lasting support for the building structure. It keeps the building established solidly to the ground, preventing it from collapsing easily despite the occurrence of natural ground movements and harsh weather elements. The integration of reinforced materials to the foundation likewise prevents the building from moving and sinking into the ground as well as causing fatal injuries and costly damages.

Hold Off Excess Moisture

Aside from maintaining support during ground movements and extreme weather events, the foundation of your building matters a lot as it can prevent moisture from infiltrating the building structure. The materials used for your building can certainly withstand a lot of damaging elements. But with moisture that is brought by huge flood, these materials can be overwhelmed by this element especially if it has already weakened some of the building components. The construction of a solid foundation underneath the building can keep the moisture out and subsequently prevent mould formation and structural damage.

Protection Against Pests

Apart from maintaining stability and holding off excess moisture, a solid building foundation can keep the pests and insects away from your building’s structural components. Termites, bugs, critters, and other insects and pests can be found underground. With proper planning and construction, the foundation of your building can easily prevent these creatures from penetrating and damaging your building components since strong materials are utilised. The absence of a strong foundation can easily weaken your building since these insects can gradually destroy its structural components.

Great Insulating Properties

Many building owners do not truly know that the insulation of their properties can be affected by the quality of their foundation. You see, the foundation can help in regulating the amount of heat that enters or leaves a building. Utilising a solid foundation and integrating insulation properties can help you achieve a thermally efficient property. Additionally, a high-quality foundation can provide you with significant savings in energy bills since not all heating or cooling units are required to run anymore. This specific quality can then make your building eco-friendly as its carbon footprint is reduced.

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