Structural Engineering and Construction Support to Owner Builders

29 March 2017

Owner builders are keen-witted types. Indeed, we see them purchasing, improving, and reselling their properties so that they can turn a profit. Still, this mentality only gains momentum when a small housing project requires remodelling. How do we address the same issues when owner builders target a large-scale project, something that requires structural engineering and construction support?

Employing a Professional Edge

Quite simply, this singular approach requires building know-how. Sure, a residential home or small office, a property that’s perhaps two storeys tall, subscribes to this construction model. There’s one qualifier, though. An architect, a surveyor, even an engineer should always be on hand. Paired with a knowledgeable contractor, this consulting group will identify load bearing walls and guide the project towards completion. All building regulation will be rigorously adhered to, and the final inspection will certify the property as safe to occupy.

Construction Support Experts

Beyond accidentally knocking down a wall when it’s classed as a crucial weight supporter, there are too many variables in motion when the structural engineering phase is undertaken. Perhaps that elementary residential example will bow to the concerted efforts of a single contractor and architect, but perhaps not. A full services agency averts such ambiguities by calling upon a unified resource base. The construction supports arrive. They’re determined by expert operators and top-notch equipment assets. Permits and bureaucratic red tape are overcome by the same services, as are the technical resources that quickly but efficiently push the work into its final stage.

The Owner Builder Support Maxim

The whole point of taking proprietorship in a building site is to have total control over the entire process, everything from the initial design to the construction and landscaping services. An expert design and construction agency is entirely capable of taking the lead here, yet they don’t, not when the owner has invested so much time and effort into creating their unique vision. Instead, the goal is to work in tandem with the owners. Structurally, though, every support element and every load bearing frame must be assessed by someone with engineering design qualifications, for the final structure must satisfy all building guidelines and engineering standards.

The buying and selling market is alive and well. It lives in the single homes that are purchased by investment firms and owner builder groups. At the end of the day, though, a trained and certified team must pull all of the construction elements together to produce a structure that satisfies all local and national construction standards. With these facts in mind, owner builders should always hire a technical service, a company that offers structural engineering resources and construction support.

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