The Essence of a Hardstand in Your Property

24 February 2022

A car can only be operational if it utilises a fully-effective engine and other connected components. What is common about these components is that they are heavy. And to ensure that a car can be stored properly, it would require a specific place that can withstand its weight.

One place where vehicles can be stored is a parking area. Parking areas are made from materials that can withstand the weight of both cars and pedestrians. These areas can likewise resist heat, moisture, wind, and other weather elements, making them long-lasting and cost-effective. However, many properties still require a much stronger space for vehicles. 

If you require a more enhanced parking area for your vehicles, you may opt for a hardstand.

An Overview of a Hardstand

A hardstand is a large, paved area that can be maximised in storing cars and heavy vehicles. It can also be utilised in storing heavy machines and full containers. What makes this area different from the usual parking spaces is it is thicker and more durable. Hence, you can expect a hardstand to last longer without obtaining any damages. It can also last for a long time without any risk of sinking.

Parking spaces would normally opt for concrete since it does not wear easily. It can even resist spillages of diesel and other petroleum-based products. Hardstands, alternatively, can be made from not only concrete, but also asphalt, gravel, limestone, and road base.

Hardstand’s Known Benefits

A hardstand that is made from the said materials can be beneficial for your property due to a lot of reasons. For one, a hardstand can easily help your property store heavy vehicles, machines, and containers. A hardstand can also protect these things from stone chips, dirt, sand, and cracked surfaces, minimising maintenance and repair costs that are typically caused by less durable parking areas.

Aside from having a place for storing heavy things, opting for a hardstand in your property can also help in improving its overall appearance. The materials often used for a hardstand can be appealing as long as they are prepared and installed appropriately. Safety is likewise enhanced with hardstand installation.

Applications of a Hardstand

Hardstand’s features make them great for a lot of properties. Some properties that can take advantage of hardstands are industrial yards, storage yards, boatyards, container storage, car sales yards, and vehicle depots. If you own one of these properties, opting for a hardstand would be great for you. 

If you want to construct a hardstand on your property, you can contact us at Fairdinkum Technical Services. We are a boutique organisation with over 35 years of experience in design and construction, providing technical engineering design. We also offer construction support for small scale domestic improvement projects for homeowner builders.

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