The Significance of Utilising Structural Steel Frames in Building Construction Projects

08 July 2021

Building structures are often comprised of materials and components that allow them to serve their intended purpose. Some of them might be used for residential purposes, while others are designed to house offices for various companies. These properties can also be utilised by owners of retail stores, warehouses, factories, and other commercial establishments. Schools, museums, and state facilities can likewise take advantage of building structures in serving their purposes.

But for building structures to be functional, they must be built out of durable materials. One of the materials that often help in making these projects successful is structural steel frames. 

Structural steel frames are often used to generate enough support for internal fixtures, floors, roofs, cladding, and other core components of building structures. Through their following qualities, they are truly significant in building construction projects and in the construction industry.


One notable quality of structural steel frames that makes them great for such projects is remarkable strength. Structural steel frames often have a higher density compared to those that are made from concrete or timber. And even though they are heavier than these materials, they are known to be more effective in carrying the load of the whole building property. This quality alone permits contractors to use fewer structural steel frames without sacrificing excellent support.


Another quality of structural steel frames that makes them significant in building construction projects is that they are durable enough to withstand damaging elements. Unlike other structural frame materials, steel does not easily crack, creep, or split, even if it is used for a long time. Structural steel frames are also capable of resisting the damages that may come from insects and other corrosive elements. And with appropriate coating, these components can easily prevent fire and moisture from damaging them.


Structural steel frames are not only strong and durable, but they are also versatile. Many contractors today can maximise structural steel frames since they can be used in a lot of applications. Most home properties today are now created out of structural steel frames. Large corporate buildings likewise maximise these components due to their accompanying strength and durability. Even bridges and roads can be created out of these frames since they can effectively last for a long time.


The construction industry has been prioritising sustainability for a long time now. Therefore, more and more contractors are set to maximise materials that can be recycled. They likewise go for materials that do not harm the environment. Fortunately, structural steel frames can be recycled once they have reached the end of their service life. The recycled structural steel frames can then be used again as a support for buildings for numerous decades.

All these qualities make the structural steel frames cost-effective for the construction industry. For more questions about structural steel frames, feel free to reach us at Fairdinkum Technical Services. Our structural engineering consulting services include design and inspection during construction of access structures, machinery platforms, walkways, ladders and gantries, beams, and support frames in reinforced concrete.

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