Understanding Structural Stabilisation and Strengthening in Structural Engineering Services

28 January 2021

Structural engineering plays a vital role in the construction of different buildings and infrastructures as it can determine their overall stability, strength, and rigidity. This specific sub-discipline of civil engineering utilises a wide variety of basic structural concepts to effectively build and construct complex structural systems – systems that would help make structures both functional and safe.

Evaluating Stability and Strength

Two important concepts that one must know about structural engineering are stability and strength. Stability is the identified capability of a structure to transmit various loadings to the ground. It basically defines the ability of a structure to recover equilibrium and resist sudden change, dislodgement, or overthrow. A structure with great stability will remain secure despite sudden changes or movements around it. Alternatively, the lack of structural stability can result in catastrophic failure.

Strength, on the other hand, is defined as the capability of the elements to withstand the load that is applied towards them. As for structural engineering, the strength of a building or infrastructure must be improved so that they can carry additional loads without sustaining heavy damages.

Structural Strategies and Plans

To obtain the needed structural stability, structural engineers and other involved professionals must come up with strategies and plans that could benefit a building or infrastructure. One part of their strategy is to conduct assessment and surveys on and below the ground. Studying these areas is crucial in ensuring that the whole structure will be stable for a very long time. Once the assessment is done, contractors would then optimise the foundations and reinforce areas that are needed to be improved. A stable foundation can easily make the levels above the ground and its structure to be stable as well.

Aside from keeping the ground and the whole structure stable, structural engineers must also have to keep these areas strong and robust. They must add systems that would make the groundworks as well as different structural parts strong and free from any weakness. From floors to the ceilings, all these areas must be strengthened to effectively prolong the structure’s life.

Structural Engineering Services

Structural engineering services that are available for construction projects are abundant. Some of these services include design and inspection during the construction of access structures, beams and support frames, bridges, concrete slabs, foundations, and many more. They likewise consider providing services towards the construction of commercial buildings, factories, multi-unit housing projects, garages and carports, pergolas, shade structures, retaining walls, and swimming pools. Structural certifications, structural design of mechanical assemblies, structural stabilisation, and strengthening are only a few of the services offered by structural engineers and their respective companies.

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