What is the Significance of Adopting a Good Drainage Design?

05 November 2021

Numerous elements in the surroundings must be addressed effectively so they will not affect the structural integrity and longevity of properties. One of the elements that can be a huge problem for some property owners is accumulated surface water.

Surface water is comprised mostly of rainwater, combining surface run-off and groundwater. This specific type of water is typically present on the roof of a building, road, car park, and other similar places. If ever surface water continues to accumulate and is not drained properly, it may cause property issues that can be costly and devastating in the long run. Some notable issues associated with accumulated surface water on properties are serious flooding, the spread of diseases, and pollution.

To effectively avoid the problems associated with accumulated surface water, property owners like you should adopt a good design for their drainage systems. Here are some notable reasons why adopting a good drainage design can be great for you.

Prevents Water Accumulation

One great reason why you must adopt a good drainage design is that it can easily prevent water from accumulating anywhere. As stated before, surface water can cause flooding, the spread of diseases, and pollution if it is left unchecked. Through the presence of a drainage system, it can make sure that the surface water around your property will be removed and flow freely towards its intended destination.

Minimises Soil Degradation

Another reason why adopting a good drainage system can be beneficial for you is that it can minimise the instances of soil degradation. Surface water that accumulates on the ground will only negatively affect the qualities of the soil. As it continues to pile up, the soil will become muddy, which can then lead to the erosion of the soil. A great drainage system can maintain optimum levels of moisture on your property.

Safeguards the Foundation

Somehow related to the previous point, adopting a good drainage design on your property allows your foundation to remain stable for a very long time. The foundation of your property has been designed to withstand heavy loads and surrounding elements. But with the continuous accumulation of surface water on the ground, it may infiltrate the said place, causing cracks and fractures along the way.

Deters Mould Development

A good drainage design does not only minimise or prevent structural damages, but it can also deter mould spores and other elements from developing and spreading. The existence of surface water on the ground, particularly in the basement, can lead to the existence of moisture. And since mould only develops when moisture is around, adding good drainage can swiftly prevent it from happening.

Enhances the Property Value

One more reason why adding a good drainage design can be great for you is that it can enhance the value of your property. With the presence of a good drainage system, any accumulated surface water can be easily sent to its intended location. As the water leaves your vicinity, you can expect significant improvements over the total value and appearance of your property.

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