Why Documentation Services are Essential for Construction Works

04 December 2020

Documentation is generally composed of communicable materials that can be utilised in describing, explaining, or instructing a system, procedure, or any attributes of an object. Some parts of the documentation typically include parts, assembly, installation, maintenance, and use of a product. 

As for construction works, documentation would pertain to the core memory of a building or infrastructure project. It basically keeps all the needed information and events that have transpired and have been conducted throughout a given activity. The absence of documentation works for a particular construction project can be problematic to the property owners, project managers, and even the contractors themselves, especially when faced with disputes, challenges, and property litigations.

Documentation Services Drawings and Reports

Accurate documentation during construction works can be helpful in a lot of ways. With high-quality documentation, all the things that revolve around a particular construction work can be documented and subsequently checked for either review or resolution of conflicts or problems.

To date, there are a lot of documents that are created for construction projects. Some of these documents are as follows:

  • dilapidation and property condition reports
  • council reports and development applications
  • design and expert witness reports
  • feasibility studies, lifecycle, and maintenance assessment reports
  • forensic engineering investigations and reports
  • legal investigations and reports

Most of these reports may come in hardcopy, softcopy, or both, which would ultimately depend on the services offered by a company or contractor as well as the preferences of the project managers.

Importance of Attaining Documentation Services

Attaining documentation services is important for project managers as well as contractors due to numerous reasons. For one, the presence of high-quality and precise reports and drawings can help them reduce the risk of obtaining lawsuits and eventually losing them. Documentation can form a solid base regarding the integrity and authenticity of the project. As long as they are valid, all the attained records, reports, and information can be easily used to neutralise disputes and resolve conflicts.

Another reason why documentation services are important is that they can easily track project costs and expenditures. Not all documents are intended to be used against possible lawsuits in the future. In fact, most of these documents serve as a record to all expenses, particularly transactions, that have transpired throughout the project. Additionally, having these reports on-hand can help project managers and contractors deal with expenses that are already beyond the set budget and project scope. Adjustments to the project budget and activities would usually rely on available documents.

Documentation services can likewise help project managers, contractors, and even other people and associations track the status of the construction project. The presence of records, reports, and other vital information can help different groups of people and professionals obtain the real-time status of the project as well as correct any issues that may have occurred during a specific phase or activity.

Fairdinkum Technical Services Can Help You

If you want to obtain documentation services, just contact us at Fairdinkum Technical Services. We are a boutique organisation with operation centres located in New South Wales and Queensland, with over 35 years’ experience in engineering design and construction, providing technical engineering design. We also offer construction support for small scale domestic improvement projects for homeowner builders.

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